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  • Protomer — In structural biology, a protomer consists of one single protein subunit or several different subunits, that assemble in a defined stoichiometry to form an oligomer. The protomer is the smallest subset of different subunits that form the oligomer …   Wikipedia

  • protomer — An individual subunit of a viral capsid; a capsomer is made of protomers …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • protomer — noun a) Any prototropic tautomer. b) Any of the subunits that constitute an oligomeric protein …   Wiktionary

  • protomer — A structural subunit of a larger structure. Protomers may themselves consist of subunits. For example, tubulin, an αβ dimer, is the p. for microtubules. [G. protos, first, + mer 1] * * * pro·to·mer (proґto mər) [protein + monomer] one of the …   Medical dictionary

  • protomers — Subunits from which a larger structure is built. Thus the tubulin heterodimer is the protomer for microtubule assembly, G actin the protomer for F actin. Because it avoids the difficulty that arises with, for example, dimers that serve as… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Muscarinic toxin 7 — (MT7) is part of a family of small peptides of 64 to 66 amino acid residues derived from the venom of African mamba snakes (Dendroaspis angusticeps and Dendroaspis polylepis), which target the different muscarinic receptor subtypes. Muscarinic… …   Wikipedia

  • Fibronectin — 1 PDB rendering based on 1e88 …   Wikipedia

  • Tobacco mosaic virus — Electron micrograph of TMV particles stained to enhance visibility at 160,000x magnification Virus classification Group …   Wikipedia

  • Picornavirus — Taxobox name = Picornavirus virus group = iv familia = Picornaviridae subdivision ranks = Genera subdivision = Enterovirus Rhinovirus Hepatovirus Cardiovirus Aphthovirus Parechovirus Erbovirus Kobuvirus Teschovirus A Picornavirus is a virus… …   Wikipedia

  • MWC model — An allosteric transition of a protein between R and T states, stabilised by an Agonist, and Inhibitor and a Substrate. In biochemistry, the MWC model (also known as the concerted model or symmetry model) describes allosteric transitions of… …   Wikipedia

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